Hazard Analysis

Review JHA/THA with Crew

Effortlessly access and review your JHA/THA with your crew members.

  • Conveniently access and review using your own devices
  • Empower your crew members to access and review on their devices
  • Keep the access even after you have turned in the report

Don’t underestimate the importance of sharing and discussing your JHA/THA with your crew members. At Zurel, we didn’t.

Having your crew or trade partners write up job or task hazard analysis reports is indeed an integral part of your jobsite safety program. Equally important is conducting reviews and engaging in discussions about these reports with the affected crew members. But, doing so effectively at jobsites is easier said than done.

Zurel makes it almost as easy. The reports remain available on the devices of their authors and the safety managers. Additionally, crew members can access the reports using their own smartphones if desired. And the access remains available for as long as you want.

The features that are designed to help you review your JHA/THA easily with your crew

As Long As Needed

Continue to review your analysis even well after you have submitted it.

  • Access and review the analysis using your own devices.
  • Let the crew access and review using their own devices.
  • Maintain this ability for as long as you need to

Your and your crew’s access hazard analysis report should not cease once you submit it. With Zurel, it doesn’t.

Analysis Links & QR Code

Give your crew easy access to the Crew Portal using any one of the convenient methods.

  • Send the portal’s web link to your crew members.
  • Alternatively, let them access it by scanning the portal’s unique QR code.
  • If they use Zurel, deliver the portal to them as push notifications.

In an interconnected world, effortlessly link your crew members to the Crew Portals for your hazard analysis.

Crew’s Portal

Keep your crew better informed by empowering them to review your analysis report using their own smartphones.

  • Crew members can view the reports on either mobile or desktop browsers.
  • Examine the hazard analysis report you’ve compiled.
  • Look over any PDF files or photographs appended to the report.

Let your crew members leverage the convenience of their smartphones. Give them access to your hazard analysis report right at their fingertips.

Your Devices

Easily review your hazard analysis report with your crew members, either on your desktop or mobile app.

  • Initiate a new report or access a previously created one.
  • Pull up the analysis form and discuss it with your crew members.
  • If there are any attached documents, open and review those as well.

Ensure that document accessibility doesn't hinder the review of your hazard analysis with your team. Be it at your office or while traveling, the analysis is always within reach for review with your crew.