A Safety Inspector Feature

Custom Inspection Forms

Create custom inspection forms tailored to your unique inspection needs.

  • Create different forms for different types of equipment or inspection purposes.
  • Provision them to record a wide variety of data to meet your unique needs.
  • Turn them into digital forms that are intuitive and easy for your crew to use while in the field.

Don’t let safety be limited by your safety inspection forms, the information they can record, or how difficult they are to use.

Simplify equipment inspections with custom forms and checklists

The challenges posed by equipment inspection checklists are not to be underestimated. Picture the array of equipment types, each requiring its distinct checklist, along with the necessity to accommodate a diverse range of information to be collected during inspections. Furthermore, consider the added layer of complexity brought about by various inspection forms: pre-use, post-use, and weekly or monthly maintenance inspections. How do you manage these challenges?

But how do you confirm that every safety issue identified during a jobsite safety inspection leads to timely corrective action and that the action is documented? How can you prevent such an essential aspect of ensuring your crew’s safety from slipping through the cracks?

Zurel simplifies this complexity by allowing you to create versatile, user-friendly inspection forms tailored to your needs. Generate as many forms as you require, customize them to your preferred level of detail, and apply them seamlessly to various equipment types and inspection scenarios.

  • Create different custom inspection forms for different types of equipment or type of inspection.
  • Set up the inspection form as a checklist of inspection items, organized in hierarchical orders. Include as few or as may items as you want.
  • Configure each inspection item to collect diverse types of information: numbers, texts, list, photos. You name it.
  • Configure each inspection item to generate alert when the inspection is deemed a failure or require attention.
  • Allow your safety inspector to include photos or write a more detailed note on each inspection items.
  • Export a PDF copy of your inspection form. Have it include items you want and exclude items you don’t.