Safety Insights

See the big picture and get deeper insights from your safety data.

For safety, data can arguably be one of the most valuable tools. We designed Zurel from the ground up by keeping this in mind, including integrating it with one of the leading business intelligence platforms.

Whether you use the reports or dashboards we have already built, tailor them to meet your needs, or use a 3rd party business intelligence platform, our business intelligence solution is designed to help you get the most from your safety data.

Use what’s available

Use reports or dashboards we have already created. Some focus on one specific Zurel module, such as Inspections, while others bring blended data from multiple modules. Use desktop dashboards for their comprehensive views or mobile dashboards for their convenience.


Give other stakeholders in your organization access to your reports or dashboards. Use different reports and dashboards for different roles they have. Control access to different dashboards based on the roles. To share with anyone else, just export them as PDF files.


If what we provide does not quench your thirst for data analytics, customize them to meet your needs. Add the KPI you want to monitor, the scorecards you want to create, or the reports you want to share. Mix and match with your data that's not from Zurel.

Create your own

If you are more data savvy, go even further and create your own reports and dashboard using our Safety BI platform. Slice and dice your Zurel data any way you want. Curate and blend your non-Zurel data. There is virtually no limit to what you can do with the data available to you.

Use your own

Perhaps your organization uses another 3rd party business intelligence platform such as Tableau or Power BI. Maybe its data governance calls for its own data warehouse. Whatever the reason, speak to us about accessing your Zurel data so that you can do it all on your own.

Let us help

If you are data savvy but don't have an appetite for the grunt work that goes with a BI platform, leave it to us. Whether customizing any of our standard reports or dashboards, creating your own from scratch, or curating your own data, we have the expertise and will be glad to help.

Business Leaders

Reports and dashboards to see the big picture on your organization’s safety.

Safety Leaders

For the big picture and to drill down to get deeper insights on safety.

Job Safety Managers

Mobile dashboards for insights on a job’s safety while at a job site.