Toolbox Talks Feature

Export PDFs in Bulk

Save time and effort by exporting multiple records simultaneously instead of exporting them one by one.

  • Utilize the Search & Filter feature to find the records of interest
  • Select all or a few records and choose to zip and download their PDF versions
  • Archive the downloaded zip file or unzip it to access each record as a PDF file

Transform the laborious hassle that consumes hours into a seamless process that requires mere minutes to complete.

For sharing, you may have a need to download tens, if not hundreds, of PDF records. Normally, downloading them can be tedious. Not on Zurel.

On the Monitoring Dashboard, once you find the training records you are looking for, select the few you want to download. If you want to download them all, select them all with just one click of a button. And with another click, download their PDF records as a Zip file.