Toolbox Talks Feature

Prompted Safety Training

Offer your crew safety training at precisely the right time with Zurel’s Prompted Training​.​

  • Prompt crew members upon sign-in for self-guided learning
  • Enable quizzes as part of the self-guided learning
  • Make ​training ​mandatory or optional

Whether a one-time orientation or a refresh course, build ​safety ​training into the daily routines of your or guest crews.

For topics that are for self-guided training, what can be more convenient than automatically prompting your crews to do so when they sign in at a job site?

Enable one or more toolbox topics for auto-prompted toolbox training. Set them up to prompt each crew member only once, always or some other period. If needed, make it mandatory. When someone who needs to review it signs in using Zurel Site Visitor Log, Zurel prompts the individual to review the topics.