Hazard Analysis

To help you make your JHAs & THAs seamless and more effective.

  • User JHA/THA forms that are more effective
  • Record hazard analysis with ease
  • Involve and engage your crew members

A JHA/THA solution designed to handle its challenges.

Writing job hazard/safety analysis (JHA/JSA) reports and communicating them with your crew is undoubtedly a crucial element of your safety program. But this part of your safety program can be as challenging as it is crucial.

Zurel Hazard Analysis is a tool designed to help you make your JHA/JSA program seamless and more effective.

Everything you can do to help make your JHA/THA seamless and more effective.

Create Custom Forms

Create a custom library of JHA/THA forms with our user-friendly form builder, designed to accommodate a diverse array of analysis needs. From straightforward question-and-answer formats to more complex designs incorporating checkboxes and conditional logic that engages your crew, you can tailor each form to meet the specific demands of different analysis processes.

Popular Features

Smart Checklist

Craft hierarchically organized analysis form with integrated conditional logic, alert conditions, or mandatory requirements.

Multimedia Annotation

Empower users to annotate each analysis item on the checklist with comments, PDFs, photos, videos.

Form QR Codes

Assign a unique QR code to each analysis form, facilitating effortless and error-free access to it for your crew.

Document Hazard Analysis

Prepare job/task hazard analysis reports using JHA/THA forms on Zurel, whether developed by you or shared with you by others on Zurel. Complete these forms conveniently in the field using the Zurel mobile app or on computers for added ease. Enrich your reports with detailed annotations, including comments and photos, to ensure thorough analysis and documentation.

Popular Features

On Smartphones

Leverage the convenience of smartphones to complete your JHA/THA using the Zurel app while you’re on the move.

On Tablets or Computers

Utilize your desktop or tablet browser in the comfort of your office to seamlessly complete the JHA forms with ease.

Seamless Switching

Seamlessly switch between your smartphone and desktop to effortlessly create effective JHA/THA reports from anywhere.

Involve & Engage Crew Members

Review your hazard analysis report with your crew. Make the reviews by enabling your crew to access, examine, and digitally sign the report via their smartphones. Ensure ongoing engagement with new crew members on the project, maintaining involvement even after the submission of the forms.

Popular Features

Crew’s Analysis Portal

Boost your crew’s engagement by delivering hazard analysis materials directly to your crew’s smartphones.

Digital Signature

Eliminate illegible and incomplete participation records by adopting seamless digital sign-in methods for your JHAs/THAs.

Continuous Review

Ensure continuous review of each report with all crew members, whether new or existing, on a regular basis.


Work closely with your prime contractors and trade partners on hazard analysis tasks. Distribute blank analysis forms through Zurel for streamlined collaboration. Once completed, submit your JHAs using Zurel. Evaluate the JHAs sent to you, and request further details if necessary. Conveniently access and oversee both your reports and those submitted to you, ensuring a comprehensive management process.

Popular Features

Share Your Forms

Share your JHA/THA forms with your trade partners to ensure consistent analysis of data and processes.

Accept Partner’s Forms

Allow your trade partners to use their JHA/THA forms, either as Zurel analysis forms or as attachments to your forms.

Return to Submitter

Review the submitted JHA/THA and, if necessary, return it to the submitter for any additional information required.

Manage & Monitor Hazard Analyses

Manage your hazard analysis effectively with our dashboards. Use mobile dashboards for on-the-go management or desktop dashboards for a detailed overview. Both options offer the flexibility to oversee the big picture or delve into specific report details, streamlining your hazard analysis process.

Popular Features

Mobile Dashboard

Empower your crew to manage hazard analysis on the go with easy access to hazard analysis reports from their mobile apps.

Progress Dashboards

Keep track of the status and progress of your hazard analysis program through a unified and comprehensive dashboard.

Safety Insights

Improve your hazard analysis programme by leveraging Safety Insights on Zurel for thorough analysis of your JHA/THA data.

Keep & Retrieve Records

Maintain comprehensive records of your hazard analyses and effortlessly locate and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing with stakeholders, ensuring compliance and enhancing communication on safety matters.

Popular Features

Comprehensive Records

Capture and maintain comprehensive records of each of your JHA/THA reports.

Instant Record Retrieval

Search and instantly retrieve analysis reports, eliminating hours of effort and the potential consequences of not finding them.

PDF Exports

Simplify sharing and archival of JHA/THA documents by exporting records as PDF files whenever needed.