Hazard Analysis

JHA and JSA software for you and your specialty contractors.

Writing job hazard/safety analysis (JHA/JSA) reports and communicating them with your crew is no doubt a crucial element of your safety program. Doing it on your own is challenging enough. But, when you are relying on your specialty contractors for it, it can be a lot more so.

Zurel Hazard Analysis is a tool designed to make your JHA/JSA program less challenging and more effective. Create your own custom digital JHA/JSA forms. Have your team or your specialty contractors use the forms to write their reports and review them with their crews. Let their crew members sign it. Keep records of them all. All of it, seamlessly on Zurel.

How can you make your JHA or JHA process seamless and more effective?

Create Analysis Forms

Build your repository of safety analysis forms using our easy-to-use form builder. Create different forms for different types of analyses. Set them up to collect a wide variety of information as checkboxes, numbers, comments, signatures, photos, etc. Make any of them mandatory.

  • Custom Analysis Forms.
  • Checkboxes, Texts, Attachments and More
  • Mandatory Fields

Write Analysis Reports

Document your analysis reports by filling out the forms using our mobile or desktop app. Share the QR codes or the links of forms with your specialty contractors for them to write their reports. They don't have to be on Zurel to use your forms. But, if they are, the process becomes very seamless.

  • Form Link and QR Code.
  • App-free Forms
  • Connect on Zurel.

Review JHA/THA with Crew

Review your reports with your crew members. Have your specialty contractor do the same with their crew members. The crews can use their smartphones to access, review, and sign the reports. Review with and have new crew members sign the reports even after submitting them.

  • Participating Crew List
  • Analysis QR Code
  • Authenticated Participants

Monitor & Manage

Monitor and manage your hazard analysis by using any of the dashboards available. Use the mobile dashboards for their convenience. Use the desktop browser dashboards for their comprehensive views. Either way, see the big picture or zero in on a specific report.

  • Mobile Notifications
  • Mobile dashboard.
  • Desktop dashboards.

Keep & Share Records

Keep your analysis records as PDF files that include the analysis detail, the list of crews, and their signatures. Search and find those records based on their dates, job, or specialty contractor. Zip and export several records all at once.

  • Extensive search & find functions
  • Export JHA/JSA records in PDFs
  • Bulk export of PDF records.

Who can be on it?

Safety Manager

Apps with a gamut of tools for safety managers to manage and monitor their organization’s hazard & safety analysis processes.

Job Safety Manager

Web browser and mobile apps for job safety managers to manage and monitor job hazard/safety analyses of their jobs while from their jobsites.

Specialty Contractors

Web browser and mobile app tools for specialty contractors to write hazard and safety analysis reports and share them with their crews.

Crew Members

Easy to use web-based app for your and your guest crews to review and sign your JHA/JHA report using their smartphones or that of their foremen.