Construction Safety Software

Together, Let’s Keep Our Crew Safer.

A highly collaborative software platform to help you keep your crews and your jobsites safer. Because safety is not a zero-sum game. Better safety is in everyone’s interest.

The Construction Safety Platform Your Business Will Love

Zurel Safety platform has the tools and integrations you need for a better workforce & workplace safety. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Toolbox Talks

All the software features you need to plan, run, and evaluate an effective safety training program.

Popular Features
  • Toolbox talks planner
  • Toolbox meeting portals
  • Topics assessments

Hazard Analysis

Hazard analysis software designed to make your JHA/JSA more collaborative and seamless.

Popular Features
  • Custom JHA/JSA forms.
  • Crew’s portals
  • PDF reports.

Safety Inspections

For more effective and seamless inspections of your jobsites and your equipment's.

Popular Features
  • Custom inspection lists
  • Corrective actions
  • Search & find reports

Safety Observations

To empower your crew to speak up about safety issues when they see one.

Popular Features
  • Apps, QR code, & links.
  • Corrective actions.
  • Sharing for learning.

Visitors Safety

For the safety of your crew and that of your specialty contractor at your jobsites.

Popular Features
  • Sign-in questionnaires
  • Foreman’s portal
  • Site kiosks, links, & QR codes

Safety Insights

See the big picture and get deeper insights from your safety data.

Popular Features
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Customize
  • Data export.

Collaborate with Everyone.
Democratize Safety

Because safety is not a zero-sum game. Better safety benefits everyone.

Prime Contractors

Open your Zurel platform to your trade partners and their crew members for seamless collaboration to achieve better safety at your jobsites.

Trade Contractors

Collaborate with your GCs without signing up for Zurel. Make it more seamless and extend it to your crew members by signing up for it.

Crew Members

Get access to safety resources in real-time at your jobsites. Report observations. Do so without signing up for Zurel app. Make it easier by signing up for it.

Our Customers

Deeper Insights with Safety Analytics

Perform deep analysis of all your safey data by using our high customizable safety analytics solution. 

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