Safety Observations

Empower your crew to say something when they see something about safety.

  • Make reporting easy
  • Initiate & manage corrective actions
  • Foster learning through sharing

Foster a culture that prioritizes collective safety awareness and open communication.

Nothing is more crucial for ensuring safety than empowering your crew to speak up when they notice something amiss. Zurel’s Safety Observations is specifically designed to facilitate just that.

Encourage your crew members to report any safety-related concerns they observe at job sites. Receive immediate notifications for urgent issues and promptly delegate correction requests to the responsible parties. Additionally, share reports containing valuable learning points with all crew members, fostering a culture of collective safety awareness.

Solutions to Your Safety Observations Challenges

Customize Your Observation Program

Customize your safety observations program to align with your organization’s safety culture.

Whether you intend to use it solely for reporting issues requiring correction or for sharing positive observations with others. Whether you prefer only your crew to report observations or allow your trade partners to do the same, Zurel Safety Observation is flexible, enabling you to maximize its benefits

Popular Features

Observation & Issue Types

Configure to accommodate various types of observations, whether they are negative, positive, neutral, or indicative of a need for change.

Roles & Privileges

Assign different roles and privileges to individuals within your organization for reporting or managing safety observations.

Trade Partner Participation

Configure it to determine whether and how your trade partners and their crew report safety observations when visiting your job site.

Remove Barriers to Reporting Observations

One of the most crucial steps to motivate others to report safety observations is by removing barriers to doing so. With Zurel, we prioritize this aspect within our app. From easier access to simple reporting, Zurel helps you eliminate most barriers hindering your crew from writing observation reports.

Popular Features

Quick Access

Allow your team members to submit safety observations effortlessly with just a few clicks using Zurel.

Simple Reports

Make it easy to report safety observation by allowing for reports that are simple and easy to create.

Anonymous Submissions

Remove psychological barriers and make it more reassuring to report observations by allowing anonymous reporting.

Collaborate with Observers and Stakeholders

Maximize the effectiveness of your safety observation program by collaborating with your team on Zurel. For each observation, communicate with the reporter or other stakeholders. If necessary, send it back to the reporter for additional details. Create correction requests for the parties responsible for addressing the reported issues.

Popular Features

Collaboration with Team

Facilitate collaboration among key stakeholders on an observation by communicating about it on Zurel.

Collaboration with Observers

Solicit more information about an observation by returning it to the reporter for additional details.

Collaboration with Trade Partners

Collaborate with trade partners by working together on corrective actions or even by enabling their crew to report observations.

Manage Corrective Actions

Every reported observation is a chance to make timely corrections and improve the safety of your workplace.

Assign a responsible party for observations needing corrections and send them the request for correction. Keep track of the corrective actions’ progress to guarantee swift resolution and ongoing safety enhancements.

Popular Features

Correction Request Reports

Effortlessly generate a corrective action request document that includes relevant information from an observation.

Send Correction Request

Send each correction request document to one or more parties, either within Zurel or via email or text messages.

Corrective Action Report

Enable recipients to write and submit corrective action reports, with or without the Zurel app.

Share & Learn

Every observation serves as an opportunity for all crew members to enhance their safety awareness and knowledge. It can also serve as motivation for them to report their own observations.

Maximize this opportunity by sharing observations with every crew member and initiating a dialogue about them. This fosters a culture of collective learning and continuous improvement in safety practices among your team.

Popular Features

Observation Forum

Grant all crew members access to the Observation Forum, where collective observations are showcased.

Managed Sharing Privilege

Limit sharing and unsharing permissions to individuals who hold the necessary management role on Zurel.

Anonymous Sharing

Allow managers to remove the observer’s identify before sharing the observation on the forum.

Monitor & Manage Observations

Manage your safety observations program by monitoring your crew’s observation reports and their corrective actions. View the big picture or zero in on specific reports for more detail. All of this is on your desktop for its comprehensive views and on your Zurel mobile app for its convenience.

Popular Features

Mobile Dashboard

Empower your safety managers to handle safety observations conveniently through their mobile applications.

Progress Dashboards

Keep track of the status and progress of your safety observations through a unified and comprehensive dashboard.

Safety Insights

Improve your safety observation program by leveraging Safety Insights on Zurel for thorough analysis of your data.