Safety Observations

Empower your crews to speak up about safety issues when they see one.

Nothing can be more powerful for safety than empowering your crew to speak up about safety issues when they see one. Zurel’s Safety Observations is designed to let you do just that. And to democratize safety.

Let anyone at your jobsites report safety-related issues they observe. For urgent issues, get notified immediately. Send correction requests to responsible parties. For reports that have something important for everyone to learn, share them with all your crew members.

Things you can do to make safety observations a powerful tool.

Customize Your Program

Customize safety observations for how you want to run your observations program. Set it up for the type of observations you want your crew to report. Tailor it to help them identify the type of issues they will be reporting. Enable mobile notifications for certain types of observations. And much more.

  • Observation type, issue type.
  • Mandatory fields.
  • Post-submission message.

Support Anonymity

Make it more assuring for your crew to report observations by enabling anonymous reporting. It allows your crew to make candid observations even if they do not feel psychologically safe to do so. It also allows you to gauge the degree of psychological safety your crew feels.

  • Optional.
  • Complete anonymity.
  • Anonymous sharing.

Democratize Observations

Let every stakeholder report observations using Zurel. Equip your employees with the Zurel app for ease of reporting. Connected on Zurel with your specialty contractors to let them equip their crews. Place QR codes through your jobsite to let any site visitors report an observation.

  • One-click report.
  • Connect on Zurel.
  • Site QR code, site link.

Corrective Actions

Every observation reported is an opportunity to take timely corrective actions to keep your jobsite safer. For any observation, identify a responsible party and send them a web link to a correction request. Have them use the web link to report their corrective actions. Monitor for corrective actions.

  • Responsible parties.
  • Corrective action portals.
  • Dashboards and notifications.

Share Safety Observations

Every observation is also an opportunity for all your crew members to learn about safety. At the least, is a motivation for them to report their own observations. Make the most out of it by sharing any observations with all your crew members and starting a conversation about it.

  • Shared observation feed.
  • Anonymous sharing.
  • Comments and conversations.

Monitor & Manage

Manage your safety observations program by monitoring your crew's observation reports and their corrective actions. View the big picture or zero in on specific reports for more detail. All of this is on your desktop for its comprehensive views and on your Zurel mobile app for its convenience.

  • Desktop dashboards for extensive management.
  • Summaries, color-coded flags, and badges.
  • Mobile dashboards for job’s safety managers.

Empower everyone to keep your jobsites safer.

Safety Manager

For setting up, managing, and monitoring their organization’s safety observations and corrective actions.

Job Safety Manager

For monitoring safety observations, creating correction requests, and reviewing corrective actions related to their jobs.

Crew Members

For reporting safety observations, and for viewing and commenting on shared observations.

Specialty Contractors

For reporting safety observations and for documenting corrective actions on issues sent to them.