Safety Inspections

All the tools you need for a comprehensive safety inspection program:

  • Record inspections using custom checklists
  • Document corrective actions
  • Keep and retrieve extensive records

Run your safety training program using a comprehensive solution.

Safety inspections stand out as perhaps the most critical component of any workplace safety plan. The significance and challenges inherent in conducting timely inspections, gathering pertinent information, ensuring a smooth process for corrective actions, and maintaining meticulous records cannot be overstated.

Zurel Inspections is a comprehensive solution to help you rise up to the challenges. Whether it is your job site inspections, equipment inspections, or any other type of inspection you need to perform, Zurel provides the necessary tools for everything you need to do to run a robust safety inspection program.

Rise Up To Your Top Safety Inspection Challenges

Create Custom Inspection Forms

Streamline your digital inspection process with our intuitive form builder. Effortlessly create countless custom forms tailored to different types of inspections. From job site evaluations to equipment checks and beyond, our platform empowers you to collect a diverse range of information, including checkboxes, numerical inputs, comments, signatures, and even photos.

Popular Features

Smart Checklist

Craft hierarchically organized inspection checklists with integrated conditional logic, alert conditions, or mandatory requirements.

Multimedia Annotation

Empower inspectors to annotate each inspection item on the checklist with comments, PDFs, photos, videos, and responsible parties.

Form QR Codes

Assign a unique QR code to each inspection form, facilitating effortless and error-free access to it for your crew.

Record Jobsite Inspections

Document all your job site inspections using our custom job site inspection checklist. Annotate each inspection item with comments, PDFs, photos, or videos as needed. Assign one or more responsible parties to address any identified issues.

Popular Features

Custom Inspection Forms

Develop a customized form for your job site inspections. Modify it as necessary to meet the unique requirements of each individual job.

Offline Use

Record your safety inspections seamlessly, even when offline, with automatic syncing once back online.

Custom PDF Reports

Generate a custom PDF report for each safety inspection, tailored to meet its specific purpose.

Record Equipment Inspection & Maintenance

Utilize Zurel for all your equipment inspections and maintenance records. Create digital inspection forms for each type of equipment and associate one or more forms with each piece of equipment. Simplify record-keeping by using QR codes for seamless inspection recording and access to records.

Popular Features

Multiple Inspection Forms

Enable each piece of equipment to have multiple forms, each designed for specific types or purposes of inspection.

Manuals & Certificates

Upload manuals or certificates for each piece of equipment and enable your crew members to access them during inspections.

Ruggedized QR Code

Apply our self-adhesive ruggedized QR code to each piece of your equipment for a seamless inspection using Zurel app.

Manage Corrective Actions

For each issue requiring correction, designate responsible parties and send correction requests directly from Zurel. Send emails or text messages with a link to the corrective actions form. Monitor progress using the corrective actions dashboards and easily follow up as needed.

Popular Features

Responsible Parties

Designate organizations as responsible parties for issues that need to be corrected.

Correction Request

Generate and send corrective action request document to individuals at the responsible party organization

Corrective Action Report

Enable the recipients to write and submit corrective action reports with or without the Zurel app.

Manage & Monitor Inspections

Monitor your safety inspection program effectively by overseeing all inspection activities comprehensively. This includes reviewing inspection reports, receiving issue notifications, generating correction requests, and tracking corrective action reports.

Leverage Safety Insights for a deeper understanding from your inspection data.

Popular Features

Mobile Dashboard

Empower your inspectors to manage safety inspections on the go with easy access to safety inspection reports from their mobile apps.

Progress Dashboards

Keep track of the status and progress of your safety inspection program through a unified and detailed dashboard.

Safety Insights

Improve your safety inspection program by leveraging Safety Insights on Zurel for thorough analysis of your inspection data.

Keep & Retrieve Records

Maintain comprehensive records of your safety training, effortlessly locate, and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing purposes.

Keeping accurate records is as crucial as the training itself, and Zurel makes it extremely easy for you to do so.

Popular Features

Comprehensive Records

Capture and maintain comprehensive records of each of your safety inspections.

Instant Record Retrieval

Search and instantly retrieve safety training records, eliminating hours of effort and the potential consequences of not finding them.

PDF Exports

Simplify sharing and archival of safety training documents by exporting records as PDF files whenever needed.