Safety Inspections

For your comprehensive safety inspections program.

Safety inspections are perhaps the most crucial element of any workplace safety plan. The importance and challenges of timely inspections, collecting the right kind of information, the seamless process of corrective actions, and good record keeping of inspections cannot be understated.

Zurel Inspections is a comprehensive solution to help you rise up to the challenges. Whether it is your job site inspections, equipment inspections, or any other kinds of inspection you need to perform, it provides the necessary tools for everything you need to do to run a robust safety inspection program.

Everything you need to do for your safety inspections.

Create Inspection Forms

Build your repository of digital inspection forms using our easy-to-use form builder. Create different forms for different types of inspections. Set them up to collect a wide variety of information as checkboxes, numbers, comments, signatures, photos, etc. Make any of them mandatory.

  • Easy to use form editor.
  • Capable of variety of data types.
  • Unlimited forms and inspection items.

Simplify Inspections

Use Zurel mobile app to perform safety inspections while in the field. Record your observations using your custom inspection forms. Continue recording even when you are offline. Switch seamlessly between the mobile and the desktop app to complete your report and send correction requests.

  • Mobile app for inspections in the field.
  • Supports photos, voice dictations, signatures.
  • Can work offline, with no Internet connection.

Monitor and Manage

Manage your safety inspection program by monitoring all your inspection activities and corrective actions using one or more dashboards available on Zurel. View the big picture or zero in on specific reports for more detail. All of this on your desktop or, just as easily, on your Zurel mobile app.

  • Mobile dashboards for mobile management.
  • Desktop dashboards for extensive management.
  • Summaries, color-coded flags and badges.

Send Correction Requests

For each issue that needs correcting, identify responsible parties and send correction requests. Send them emails or text messages, right from Zurel, with a link to your corrective actions form. Monitor progress using the corrective actions dashboards. Follow up with them just as easily.

  • Responsible parties for issues.
  • Correction request digital forms.
  • Corrective actions workflow.

Get Deeper Insights

Perform deep analysis of your inspection data using an industry-leading analytics platform integrated with Zurel. Blend your inspection data with other safety data to get deeper insights. Create your own custom dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators and scorecards, and for reporting,

  • Complete access to all your inspection data.
  • Blend with other safety data on Zurel.
  • Integrate with other 3-rd party data.

Keep & Share Records

Search and find your inspection reports based on their inspection dates, jobs, equipment or equipment type, responsible parties, etc. Democratize safety by making some available through QR codes. Save your inspection reports as PDF records. Zip and export several PDF records all at once.

  • Extensive search & find function
  • Customizable PDF records
  • QR codes for easier authorized access.

Equipment Inspections

Simplify and optimize equipment identification, inspection, and maintenance with the Zurel Safety Inspector.

  • Effortlessly identify equipment and streamline inspections using QR codes.
  • Use intuitive digital forms, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Enable trade partners to seamlessly use your forms when inspecting your equipment.

For every type of safety inspection.

Site Inspections

Use Zurel Inspector for all your jobsite inspections. Create your own versatile but easy-to-use digital form for site inspections. If you want, tailor it for any job to meet the job’s unique needs. Use the points and score method to track and compare performance.

Equipment Inspections

Get more out of it by using it for all your equipment inspections. Create your digital inspection forms for each type of equipment. Associate one or more forms with each piece of equipment. Use QR codes to make inspections and access to their records seamless.

Other Inspections

Get the most out of it by using it for all other types of inspection you need to do. Whether it is scaffolding, excavation, or even quality inspections, create inspection forms for any type of inspection. Much like site and equipment, perform all other inspections using the Zurel app.