Safety Training

All the tools you need for an effective safety training program — all in one place:

  • Create effective training materials
  • Plan and schedule training
  • Keep and retrieve training records

Run your safety training program using a comprehensive solution.

Running a safety training program can be challenging. Doing so effectively can be even more so. For many, it often means scattered training materials, missed training, and intractable records – all without clear visibility into the program’s effectiveness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Toolbox Talks, all your training materials, schedules, and records are available to you in an easy-to-use, powerful app. You and your team can plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate your safety training programs seamlessly – all from the app.

Solutions to Your Top Safety Training Challenges

Build Toolbox Talks Library

Build a comprehensive digital library of toolbox training materials effortlessly with our user-friendly editor. Generate each topic effortlessly, utilizing your own content, incorporating resources from a third-party, or choosing from our curated collection.

Simplify the creation of impactful training materials and streamline your training process.

Popular Features


Create bilingual safety training materials in English and Spanish.


Incorporate text, PDFs, photos, videos, and web page content into your safety training materials.

Safety Questionnaires

Include quizzes in both English and Spanish for comprehensive toolbox topic assessments.

Plan Safety Trainings

Mitigate uncertainties and risks by proactively planning safety training months in advance. Develop a comprehensive safety training plan for your organization.

Empower trainers to efficiently identify and focus on scheduled topics, preventing confusion, inefficiencies, and training gaps.

Popular Features


Plan your safety training sessions months in advance with our user-friendly scheduler.

Toolbox Calendars

Develop a comprehensive safety training plan using an organizational calendar or job-specific calendars.

Ad-hoc Toolbox Training

Adapt seamlessly when plans change or when training needs arise outside of your established schedule.

Make Training More Effective

Enhance the effectiveness of your safety trainings with innovative training methods. Integrate visual elements like photos and videos, employ quizzes with instant feedback for enhanced learning, and ensure accessibility to training materials post-session for continued learning.

Elevate the effectiveness of your safety training by utilizing features that are both innovative and user-friendly.

Popular Features

Crew’s Toolbox Portals

Boost training engagement by delivering toolbox talk materials directly to your crew’s smartphones.

Self-guided Learning

Retrain and reinforce your crew’s learning as needed, fostering mastery through self-guided learning.

Toolbox Topics Quizzes

Elevate the effectiveness of your safety training by incorporating quizzes into your toolbox talks.

Train Seamlessly

Simplify your training with our user-friendly mobile apps, offering easy-to-use tools for trainers, portals for trainees, and digital sign-in for streamlined attendance recordkeeping.

We understand the challenges of conducting toolbox talks for your crew and strive to make the process seamless.

Popular Features

Trainer’s Portal

Access all the digital tools your toolbox trainers need in one place, enabling seamless use in the field.

Reusable QR Codes

Simplify crew engagement with a reusable QR code for your trainings, minimizing hassle for your entire crew.

Digital Sign-ins

Eliminate illegible and incomplete attendance records by adopting seamless digital sign-in methods.

Manage & Monitor Well

Keep your safety training program on track with comprehensive monitoring of all toolbox talk activities—track planned and covered topics, identify trained individuals, and follow up with those who haven’t received training.

Utilize management tools to fulfill your commitment to your crew’s safety.”

Popular Features

Trainer’s Mobile Dashboard

Empower your trainers to manage safety training on the go with easy access to toolbox talk plans and accompanying resources.

Progress Dashboard

Monitor the status and progress of your safety training program on a comprehensive single dashboard.

Performance Dashboard

Evaluate your crew’s safety knowledge and identify areas for improvement to help enhance the effectiveness of your toolbox talks program.

Keep & Retrieve Records

Maintain comprehensive records of your safety training, effortlessly locate, and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing purposes.

Keeping accurate records is as crucial as the training itself, and Zurel makes it extremely easy for you to do so.

Popular Features

Comprehensive Records

Capture and maintain comprehensive records of each of your safety toolbox trainings.

Instant Record Retrieval

Search and instantly retrieve safety training records, eliminating hours of effort and the potential consequences of not finding them.

PDF Exports

Simplify sharing and archival of safety training documents by exporting records as PDF files whenever needed.