Hazard Analysis

Keep & Share Records

Keep thorough records of your analysis. Easily retrieve and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing.

  • Keep detailed records, including photos, crew list, and signatures
  • Easily search for and find those records
  • Export and share records of each hazard analysis report as a PDF file

Maintaining accurate records of safety and hazard analyses is of utmost importance, and Zurel significantly simplifies this process for you

Maintaining comprehensive safety and hazard analysis records is crucial for a comprehensive safety program. However, the tasks of organizing, archiving, retrieving, and sharing these extensive records can be challenging for many organizations.

From saving all the analysis reports to exporting them as PDFs for both sharing and archiving purposes, Zurel provides solutions to overcome these challenges.

The features that ensure smooth recordkeeping, retrievals, and sharing of analysis reports

Export Records as PDF

Share or print a comprehensive record of your analysis reports by exporting it as a PDF file. It includes:

  • The completed safety and hazard analysis form, in its printable form
  • The list of names and signatures of crew members who reviewed the analysis
  • All the photos and PDF documents attached to the analysis report

Make sharing hazard analysis reports easier by exporting them as PDF files whenever necessary.

Keep Comprehensive Records

Capture and keep records of your hazard analysis in comprehensive detail.

  • Record the analysis report, including its digital forms and photos attached
  • Include the names and the signatures of the crew the analysis was shared with
  • Add other relevant information, including the report’s date, author’s name, job name, and more

Let Zurel do all the recordkeeping seamlessly – find it as easily when you need it the most.