s & Orientations

To enhance the safety of everyone visiting your job sites.

  • Log job site visits by your and trade partner’s crews
  • Screen for certifications and compliance
  • Provide orientation or safety training

To maintain visitor records at your job sites and ensure they receive site and safety orientation.

Keeping all your crew members safe is a major challenge on its own. Doing so for everyone, your crew and your trade partners’ crews, is a much bigger challenge. Zurel Visitors Safety provides you with the tools you need to help you address this challenge.

Use it for something as simple as your site visitors’ log. Or use it for seamless participation by your trade partners, and their crew members, in your other safety programs. Regardless of what you use it for, every tool in it is designed with the ultimate goal of better safety for your jobsite visitors.

Solutions to Your Top Visitor Log and Orientation Challenges

Log Site Visits

Enable visitors to conveniently sign in and out upon arrival and departure from your job site using various seamless methods. Make it even more so for those that visit your sites regularly.

Popular Features

Site QR Code

Allow your site visitors to sign in by simply scanning the site’s QR code using their smartphones.

Crew QR Code

Assign a unique QR code to each crew members and scan it using the site kiosk to sign in crews at your job sites.

Site Kiosk

Transform a tablet or a smartphone equipped with the Zurel app into a site kiosk, enabling visitors to sign in manually at the kiosk.

Conduct Safety Orientation

Have your visitors review your organization or site’s safety orientation document when they first sign in. Ensure that the orientation material is readily available on their smartphones each time they sign in at a job site. Additionally, consider requiring periodic reviews to help them retain the information.

Popular Features

Organizational Orientation

Create an organization orientation and set it up for review by every stakeholder.

Job-specific Orientation

Create job-specific orientations for any job and set them up for review by everyone at the job site.

Visitor’s Portal

Ensure that all orientation materials are accessible to your site visitors on their smartphones whenever they sign in.


Collaborate effectively with your trade partners to enhance the sign-in and orientation process. Enable them to handle the sign-in and sign-out of their crew and facilitate orientation training for their team members. Additionally, provide them with the capability to share crew members’ certification or training records through Zurel.

This partnership works seamlessly even if your trade partners are not using the Zurel app, and it becomes even more streamlined if they are.

Popular Features

Foreman’s Portal

Let your trade partner manage their crew sign-ins and safety while at your job site without having to sign up for Zurel.

Connect on Zurel

Connect with your trade partners on Zurel to streamline and enhance their crew’s sign-ins and safety.

Share Information

Allow your trade partners to share with you the certifications and safety training records of their crew members.

Monitor & Manage

Track jobsite sign-in records effortlessly with Zurel’s dashboards. Opt for the mobile dashboard for on-the-go monitoring convenience, or choose the desktop dashboard for a more detailed overview. Utilize either option to gain a comprehensive perspective. Employ the search and filter functions to narrow down results by dates, sites, visitor’s organization, or even a specific visitor.

Popular Features

Mobile Dashboard

Enable your safety managers to easily manage and monitor crew sign-ins on their smartphones while they are on the move.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Monitor all visitor log activities at your job sites using comprehensive dashboards on your desktop computer.

Search, Find, and Export

Search for and find your visitor’s sign-in records and export them as a PDF file for sharing or archiving.