Toolbox Talks Feature

Immersive Toolbox Talks

Let your Toolbox Talks attendees engage with your training materials right from their smartphones during talks.

  • Attendees join by scanning QR codes or opening the talks’ weblinks
  • They view the talks’ documents, and photos, or watch the talks’ videos on their smartphones
  • Available for both English and Spanish training materials

Put your digital training materials in the palm of your crew’s hands for a more immersive training experience.

Make your training more effective by putting your Toolbox Talks materials at the tip of your trainee’s fingertips.

Do you use printed copies of your safety training material for your toolbox talks? Perhaps you are a bit more technology inclined and use digital versions on a tablet. But what do you do when you want to show your trainees a photo? Do you pass around your printed copy or the table? What if you want to show them a video?

Even if you don’t use photos or videos, wouldn’t your training be more effective if your trainees could follow you along on their devices? Meeting Pages for Attendees is designed to help you do just that. The result: better-trained crews with less hassle.

  • Have your attendees scan your meeting QR code to open their meeting pages.
  • For those who are being trained remotely, just email or text them the meeting link.
  • When they open the page, all the toolbox topics material become available on it.
  • Upload photos or PDFs during your training and make them available to your trainees instantly.