Toolbox Talks Feature

Digital Training Materials

Build your Toolbox Talks training material with your existing documents or external web pages.

  • Upload PDF copies of your existing Toolbox Talk materials
  • Include photos or illustrations to make your topics more effective
  • Link to Toolbox Topics available on the web

Take control of your training by making use of what you already have available or enrich your materials with third-party resources.

You likely have an extensive collection of PDF files, photos, or even web pages for your safety training. Build your topics using what you already have.

Building your own Toolbox Talks library allows tailoring of materials to address industry-specific hazards, maintain current content, ensure consistent delivery, and align with organizational goals. This customization enhances the effectiveness and relevance of the safety training program, promoting a safer work environment.

  • Include photos to make your training visual.
  • Attach PDF documents to your toolbox topics training material.