Toolbox Talks Feature

Retrieval Records Instantly

Keep records of all completed training — pull them up instantly when you need them.

  • Keep detailed records such as training materials, meeting attendees, their signatures, and much more
  • Retrieve records based on toolbox dates, topics, jobs, etc.
  • Use Search & Filter to pin down what you are looking for

No more dusty storage rooms to file the records, the hours of effort to retrieve them, and, worse yet, the consequences of losing them.

Easily search for and find the records you are you are looking for. Use the convenience of the mobile app or the extensive capability of the desktop app.

Use the search and filter tools on its mobile app to find the records of all the past training you have conducted. Use the desktop app to find the records of any training anyone has conducted. Search based on their dates, topics, jobs, trainers, trainees, or their organizations.