Toolbox Talks Feature

Job-specific Toolbox Plan

Make job-specific ​toolbox plans for jobs with unique needs. Supplement them with the Master Toolbox Plan.

  • Create different plans to meet the different needs of jobs in different stages
  • Use it to accommodate the needs of clients or jurisdictions
  • Blend it with the Master Plan to provide comprehensive training

​Provide​ specialized training blueprints that address the unique needs of the diverse demands of different jobs. ​

Your jobs are typically on different schedules and may have different toolbox needs at different times. Some jobs may have unique topics altogether.

For topics that are common across all jobs, use the Master Toolbox Calendar to plan for them. For topics that are unique for each job because of its schedule or its unique need, use the Job’s Toolbox Calendar. Make adjustments based on the job’s changing schedule or unique needs