Toolbox Talks Feature

Quiz Editor

Include quizzes to go with your training materials. Update them as you update the materials.

  • Include questions and answer choices for your quizzes
  • If needed, create them both in English and Spanish
  • Enable to disable quizzes based on your needs

Use quizzes to take the guesswork out of making sure your crew is adequately trained to be safe on the job.


Quizzes are known to be very effective training tools, not only for evaluating performance but also for better learning and retention of what is learned.

Enable your toolbox topic for quizzes by adding a set of multiple-choice questions and their answers. Add different types of questions and answers. Include as many of them as you want. Improve them gradually as you learn more.

  • Hear your customer’s voice on one platform.
  • Stick to the calling service your team already uses.