Toolbox Talks Feature

Toolbox Topics Quizzes

Elevate the effectiveness of your safety training through engaging quizzes

  • Customize each topic with thought-provoking questions and multiple-choice responses
  • Seamlessly integrate quizzes into your training sessions
  • Provide instant feedback to your crew to ensure they absorb vital safety knowledge

Enhance the learning outcomes your Toolbox Talks by incorporation quizzes.

Asking your crews to answer questions on a topic and telling them the answers can be very effective for their understanding and long-term retention of the topic.

Add a questionnaire to any Toolbox Topic and enable it for training quizzes. If the trainee uses a smartphone to join the training, Zurel prompts the individual to complete the questionnaire after the training. Once the trainee submits the answer, Zurel shows the correct answers.

  • Set up your toolbox topics to quiz your trainees after each training.
  • Have Zurel automatically ask the questions after each training.
  • After each quiz, Zurel provides instant feedback to each trainee.
  • Provide instant feedback on each trainee to the trainer so that the trainer may re-train the crew.