Toolbox Talks Feature

Reusable QR Codes

Reduce hassle for your entire crew by using the same QR code for all your recurring Toolbox Talks meetings.

  • Create as many QR codes as you need
  • Link your Toolbox Topics meetings to any one of them
  • Reuse your codes for as many meetings as you prefer

Never again hear from your crew that they couldn’t sign in — reusable QR codes make signing in a cinch.

Use Reusable QR codes to reduce, reuse, and recycle your printed QR codes.

You may already be using QR codes for your safety meetings. Do you print them out during each meeting? Do you make several copies so that you can distribute them to a larger group, only to throw them away at the end? What happens if you forget to print the QR code, or perhaps the printer runs out of paper? It is not only a hassle, a waste of time but also a waste of resources.

At Zurel, we are always designing our software to make your jobs easier. We know you conduct toolbox meetings regularly, so we created QR codes that are reusable. It reduces most of the hassle that comes with QR codes and lets you focus on your toolbox talks.

  • Create multiple Reusable QR codes for various purposes: meeting rooms, jobsites, foremen, or superintendents.
  • Each QR code is assigned a unique ID or can be given a unique name for convenience.
  • Export and print each QR code, including the name and ID. Distribute copies during meetings or display them in common locations.
  • Prior to your meeting, use the Zurel app to link a Reusable QR code to your Toolbox Talk by scanning it or selecting it from the pool of available QR codes.
  • Attendees can sign in, join your meeting, and access the training materials by scanning the QR code.
  • After the meeting, the QR code returns to the pool of available QR codes for you or others to use again.