Toolbox Talks

Make your safety training more effective

Enhance the effectiveness of your safety training by incorporating innovative and user-friendly features and methods.

Go beyond traditional methods of safety training

Simply relying on traditional methods for conducting safety toolbox talks doesn’t guarantee optimal training for your crews. Although these methods are essential for safety training, if your goal is to enhance the effectiveness of your safety training, it’s crucial to explore beyond these conventional techniques.

Zurel’s safety training solution is designed to help you in this endeavor by incorporating tools and methods that are both innovative and user-friendly.

Incorporate a variety of training materials into your program

Enhance the effectiveness of your toolbox training by incorporating various resources such as photographs, PDFs, videos, and links to websites that offer more comprehensive training materials.

Boost engagement in learning by utilizing the crew’s smartphones

Enhance trainee engagement by making training materials readily accessible on their smartphones during sessions. Let them interact with content in real time, reference materials instantly, and apply learning concepts directly as they engage in training activities.

Enhance learning outcomes by incorporating quizzes after your safety training sessions

Enhance learning by seamlessly integrating quizzes to help trainees absorb essential safety knowledge better. Use the quiz outcomes to better gauge the effectiveness of your training method.