Toolbox Talks

Plan your safety trainings months ahead

Mitigate uncertainties and risks by proactively planning safety training months in advance.

Plean seamlessly to help reduce risk of training gaps

Running a safety training program without a comprehensive plan can lead to gaps in employee training, potentially jeopardizing compliance and workplace safety. However, implementing a plan effectively can also be challenging without the right tools. Zurel provides the tools needed to help overcome these challenges.

Create a master schedule for your entire organization

Develop a monthly safety training plan tailored to your organization’s needs, adjusting as necessary to meet collective training requirements and ensure comprehensive crew training.

Develop job-specific training schedule for jobs that have unique needs

Tailor job-specific toolbox plans to unique requirements of each job. Integrate them with the Master Plan for comprehensive training, effectively meeting diverse job demands.

Run your trainings without scheduling ahead

When it comes to safety training, not everyone wants to plan ahead, and not every training can or should be planned ahead. For those, Zurel provides tools to let you run your safety training program without having to schedule ahead.