Toolbox Talks

Train Seamlessly

Simplify your training with user-friendly mobile apps teeming with features that make your Toolbox Talks seamless.

  • Easy-to-use mobile app for your trainers
  • QR codes for your trainees to join and engage
  • Digital sign-in for attendance recordkeeping

Conducting safety training can be challenging for your crew. We strive to make it seamless.

Conducting safety Toolbox Talks meetings at a jobsite can be challenging for trainers like foremen or superintendents. Tasks such as selecting the topic, preparing training materials, ensuring participant engagement, and managing attendance can be overwhelming. These responsibilities can pose daunting challenges that trainers must navigate while striving to deliver effective and comprehensive safety training.

Our goal is to help you overcome these challenges with user-friendly mobile apps teeming with features that make training easier. By leveraging technology, we strive to streamline the training experience and empower your crew to access and engage with training materials seamlessly.

The features that make conducting toolbox talks training seamless for your trainers

Digital Sign in

No more illegible sign-ins or “lost pens” — make training a cinch with digital sign-in.

  • Most sign in by scanning your meeting’s QR code
  • Those who can’t scan sign in by opening your meeting’s link
  • And those without smartphones sign in manually on your or a shared device

Minimize fuss and bring safety into the hands of your crew with Zurel’s Digital Sign-in feature.

Trainer’s Mobile Dashboard

Empower your trainers to manage their safety training while on the go.

  • See all Toolbox Topics planned for that day, at-a-glance
  • Receive alerts for any ad-hoc training requests
  • Launch a new training, restart an ongoing one, or review training from the past

Make training easier for your trainers. Help them find everything digital they need without being distracted by what they don’t.

Trainer’s Toolbox Meeting Room

All the digital tools your toolbox trainers need, all in one place, accessible while in the field.

  • Access and view the digital training materials.
  • Let attendees sign in to the meetings.
  • Upload new documents to share with the attendees.

With all the digital tools in one place, conducting toolbox meetings could not be easier.

Reusable QR Codes

Reduce hassle for your entire crew by using the same QR code for all your recurring Toolbox Talks meetings.

  • Create as many QR codes as you need
  • Link your Toolbox Topics meetings to any one of them
  • Reuse your codes for as many meetings as you prefer

Never again hear from your crew that they couldn’t sign in — reusable QR codes make signing in a cinch.

Prompted Safety Training

Offer your crew safety training at precisely the right time with Zurel's Prompted Training​.​

  • Prompt crew members upon sign-in for self-guided learning
  • Enable quizzes as part of the self-guided learning
  • Make ​training ​mandatory or optional

Whether a one-time orientation or a refresh course, build ​safety ​training into the daily routines of your or guest crews.