Toolbox Talks

Make Training Effective

Make your Toolbox Talks more effective by using innovative methods of training

  • Incorporate visual methods such as photos and videos in your Toolbox Talks
  • Use quizzes with instant feedback for improved learning
  • Make training materials accessible even after training for continued learning

Tradition methods of Toolbox Talks leave a lot to be desired. Elevate your safety training’s effectiveness by incorporating innovative methods.

Merely conducting safety toolbox talks meetings using traditional methods does not guarantee that crews are adequately trained in safety. While these meetings serve as a valuable platform for safety training, if your objective is to improve your crew’s safety comprehension, it is imperative to go beyond these methods to enhance safety training.

Zurel’s Toolbox Talks platform was designed to help you elevate the effectiveness of your safety training by using tools that are innovative but easy to use.

The Zurel tools that help you make your safety training more effective

Immersive Toolbox Talks

Let your Toolbox Talks attendees engage with your training materials right from their smartphones during talks.

  • Attendees join by scanning QR codes or opening the talks’ weblinks
  • They view the talks’ documents, and photos, or watch the talks’ videos on their smartphones
  • Available for both English and Spanish training materials

Put your digital training materials in the palm of your crew’s hands for a more immersive training experience.

Self-Guided Learning

Retrain your crew and reinforce their learning as many times as needed.

  • Send the training weblink to individuals who require retraining
  • Make retraining seamless for everyone with Prompted Safety Training
  • Evaluate comprehension using Toolbox Quizzes

Raise mastery by retraining, reinforcing, and reevaluating as many times as necessary through self-guided training.

Toolbox Talk’s Document Hub

Make all your digital training materials from your Toolbox Talk available to your crew even after the session has ended.

  • Share your toolbox talk’s training materials on its hub
  • After your toolbox talk, the talk’s attendees receive the hub’s weblink
  • Using the weblink, they can access the material you shared

Don't let the learning end when your Toolbox Talk meeting ends. Empower your trainees by giving them online access to the resources from your Toolbox Talk for as long as they need them.

Toolbox Topics Quizzes

Elevate the effectiveness of your safety training through engaging quizzes

  • Customize each topic with thought-provoking questions and multiple-choice responses
  • Seamlessly integrate quizzes into your training sessions
  • Provide instant feedback to your crew to ensure they absorb vital safety knowledge

Enhance the learning outcomes your Toolbox Talks by incorporation quizzes.