Safety Inspections

Equipment Inspections

Simplify and optimize equipment identification, inspection, and maintenance with the Zurel Safety Inspector.

  • Effortlessly identify equipment and streamline inspections using QR codes.
  • Use intuitive digital forms, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Enable trade partners to seamlessly use your forms when inspecting your equipment.

Don’t let equipment inspection challenges compromise safety; use Zurel to ensure thorough and reliable inspections.

Equipment inspections pose significant challenges, ranging from identifying the correct equipment, using the right forms, and collecting precise information. Accessing maintenance manuals for issue resolution further adds complexity. Additionally, conducting inspections efficiently becomes more demanding when equipment is moved between jobs.

Zurel simplifies equipment inspections with intuitive digital tools, providing seamless access to forms, information, and manuals, ensuring efficient inspections even as equipment moves between jobs.

Popular features to facilitate seamless equipment inspections:

Equipment QR Codes

Simplify equipment identification, inspection, and maintenance with QR codes

  • Assign and affix our ruggedized QR codes to your equipment
  • Scan the QR code to record inspection details
  • Retrieve equipment information or manuals just as easily

Avoid ambiguity and ensure your crew members can seamlessly identify the equipment they are inspecting or maintaining by utilizing equipment QR codes.

Custom Inspection Forms

Create custom inspection forms tailored to your unique inspection needs.

  • Create different forms for different types of equipment or inspection purposes.
  • Provision them to record a wide variety of data to meet your unique needs.
  • Turn them into digital forms that are intuitive and easy for your crew to use while in the field.

Don't let safety be limited by your safety inspection forms, the information they can record, or how difficult they are to use.

Instant Access to Equipment Manuals

Empower your crew with instant access to equipment manuals whenever they need them.

  • Upload PDF copies of equipment maintenance and operation manuals.
  • Access the manuals on the Zurel app by scanning the equipment’s QR codes.
  • Share them with anyone right from your Zurel app.

Enhance your crew's efficiency and save valuable time by providing access to equipment manuals at their fingertips, as you never know when they might need them.

Sharing with Trade Partners

Have your trade partners use your inspection forms when they inspect and use your equipment.

  • Share your equipment with your trade partners on Zurel.
  • Have them inspect and record their findings simply by scanning the equipment’s QR code.
  • Access the inspection reports on your Safety Inspections Dashboard.

Collaborate effortlessly with trade partners, streamlining safety inspections and recordkeeping.