Safety Observations

Share Safety Observations

Inspire your crew to learn from safety observations, and to make and report their own.

  • Share safety observations that you consider to be educational
  • Include insightful information such as photos and notes when sharing.
  • Let your crew access all the shared observations, new and old, on their Zurel app

Don’t let the learning benefits of observation for your entire organization go to waste. Promote learning by facilitating the seamless sharing of safety observations across your organization.

Sharing safety observations holds significant value in promoting and enhancing workplace safety. Through the open exchange of observations, organizations can foster a culture of proactive safety awareness and continuous improvement. This practice leads to enhanced workplace safety, risk mitigation, and the drive for ongoing improvement, ultimately creating a safer and healthier work environment.

Empower your team with Zurel’s Observations Forum, a dedicated platform designed for sharing insightful safety observations within your organization. Promote a culture of safety and proactive communication and enable everyone to learn from each other’s experiences and collectively enhance overall safety performance.

The features that make it all possible

Share What’s Relevant

Share only what is relevant and avoid sharing what should not be.

  • Include descriptions, photos, and detailed notes provided by the observer
  • Tag with additional information such as issue type or job name
  • Exclude comment chains or Corrective Action Reports from the shared content

Don't allow the fear of sharing irrelevant or sensitive data to hinder valuable learning. We have made it effortless for you to share only what is relevant and necessary.

Sharing & Unsharing

Facilitate effortless sharing and un-sharing of observations on the forum.

  • Share any observation effortlessly with a single click of a button.
  • Keep forum members informed about new shares.
  • Un-share as easily whenever you have a reason to do so.

Don't let the hassle of sharing and un-sharing hinder the potential for valuable learning. We have made the processes as easy as possible.

Access Control

Maintain your control over who is able to contribute to the forum and is able to view the forum

  • Allocate viewing privileges to either a select group or everyone within your organization.
  • Provide sharing privileges exclusively to a chosen few within your organization.
  • If desired, limit sharing privileges based on job roles.

Maximize learning by granting all your crew members viewing access to the forum. Ensure control and moderation by limiting the sharing privileges.

Observation Forum

Enable an Observations Forum for sharing insightful observations within your organization.

  • Allow any or all of your crew members to join the forum.
  • Enable them to view any shared observation.
  • Share any observations that you deem important.

The insights gained from others' observations are invaluable. Ensure each of your crew members can benefit from this collective wisdom by including them in the Observations Forum.