Toolbox Talks Feature

Toolbox Talk’s Document Hub

Make all your digital training materials from your Toolbox Talk available to your crew even after the session has ended.

  • Share your toolbox talk’s training materials on its hub
  • After your toolbox talk, the talk’s attendees receive the hub’s weblink
  • Using the weblink, they can access the material you shared

Don’t let the learning end when your Toolbox Talk meeting ends. Empower your trainees by giving them online access to the resources from your Toolbox Talk for as long as they need them.

An indispensable tool for making invaluable information easily accessible.

Consider the job site’s safety information you share with your trade partners during your job site’s safety orientation. Or the information you provide to your trainees about how much water to consume during hot summer days. The information you provide is unlikely to be remembered by your trainees but can be invaluable to them at a later time. Wouldn’t it be great if the trainee could access easily the information well after you have completed their orientation meeting?

The Meeting’s Document Portal enables that by posting your documents on a web portal with a shareable link. We make it even easier for you by sending the link to your meeting attendees.

  • Enable your Toolbox Talk for the Hub, making all your digital training materials available on its web page.
  • After closing your Toolbox Talk, Zurel automatically sends the Hub’s weblink to all the signed-in attendees.
  • Share the Hub with anyone else by conveniently sending them the link directly from the app.
  • The recipient can access the Hub by simply opening the link in their web browser.
  • Give access to the Hub for as long as needed and revoke it when necessary.