Toolbox Talks

Keep & Retrieve Records

Maintain comprehensive records of your safety training and effortlessly locate and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing purposes.

  • Keep detailed records of all your Toolbox Talks
  • Easily search for and find those records
  • Export and share records of each Toolbox as a PDF file

Keeping and finding good records of every safety training is no less important than the training itself. Zurel makes it extremely easy for you to do so.

Keeping comprehensive records of Toolbox Talks is essential for maintaining a comprehensive safety program. Records serve as evidence of training compliance, aid in identifying trends, and facilitate regulatory compliance. However, how do you organize and manage the large volumes of records, ensuring accuracy, and providing easy access for audits? Overcoming these challenges is crucial for effective record-keeping and improving safety performance.

Zurel makes it very easy, from saving all the records to exporting them as PDFs for sharing and archiving.

The tools that make recordkeeping and retrievals seamless

Keep Good Records

Capture and keep records of your Toolbox Talks meeting information in comprehensive detail.

  • Record the names, the organization, and the signatures of the trainees
  • Include training materials such as PDFs, photos, and web links to videos or websites in your record
  • Add relevant information, including the talk’s date, trainer’s name, job name, and more

Let Zurel do all the recordkeeping seamlessly – find it as easily when you need it the most.

Retrieval Records Instantly

Keep records of all completed training — pull them up instantly when you need them.

  • Keep detailed records such as training materials, meeting attendees, their signatures, and much more
  • Retrieve records based on toolbox dates, topics, jobs, etc.
  • Use Search & Filter to pin down what you are looking for

No more dusty storage rooms to file the records, the hours of effort to retrieve them, and, worse yet, the consequences of losing them.

Export Records as PDF

Share or print a comprehensive record of your Toolbox Talk training by exporting it as a PDF file.

  • Attach all the presented topic materials from the Toolbox Talk
  • Include the list of trainees and their signatures
  • Add pertinent information such as the talk’s date, trainer’s name, job name, and more

Ease the pain of sharing safety training documents by exporting training records when you need them.

Export PDFs in Bulk

Save time and effort by exporting multiple records simultaneously instead of exporting them one by one.

  • Utilize the Search & Filter feature to find the records of interest
  • Select all or a few records and choose to zip and download their PDF versions
  • Archive the downloaded zip file or unzip it to access each record as a PDF file

Transform the laborious hassle that consumes hours into a seamless process that requires mere minutes to complete.