Toolbox Talks

Manage & Monitor Well

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your Toolbox activities, past or present.

  • Find out what topics were planned and which were covered
  • Identify who was trained and who wasn’t
  • Follow up with those who didn’t receive training

Use the management and monitoring tools designed to help you deliver on your commitment to your crew’s safety.

Managing and monitoring a safety training program well is crucial for your commitment to better workplace safety. By managing well, you ensure your employees receive the necessary training, comply with regulations, and continuously improve safety practices. By monitoring well, you assess effectiveness, track progress, and identify areas for improvement.

Zurel, by providing you with the tools for managing and monitoring your safety training program well, helps you exercise your commitment to your crew’s safety.

The management and monitoring tools at your disposal

Planning Dashboard

Effortlessly plan and view all your Toolbox Talks using a user-friendly dashboard that brings everything together.

  • At a glance, know the availability and scheduling status of every topic
  • Schedule a Toolbox Talk on any topic with a few simple clicks
  • Get a bird’s eye view of all your Toolbox Talks in the coming weeks and months

Simplify the management of your safety training program with an intuitive dashboard that makes planning Toolbox Talks easy.

Trainer’s Mobile Dashboard

Empower your trainers to manage their safety training while on the go.

  • See all Toolbox Topics planned for that day, at-a-glance
  • Receive alerts for any ad-hoc training requests
  • Launch a new training, restart an ongoing one, or review training from the past

Make training easier for your trainers. Help them find everything digital they need without being distracted by what they don’t. ​

Progress Dashboard

Monitor the progress of your Toolbox Topics safety training program on one dashboard.

  • At a glance, see the Toolbox Talks completed and the number of crews trained
  • Identify the relevant jobs, topics, trainees, and much more
  • Dig deeper to know who completed the training and who didn’t

Stay apprised of all Toolbox Talks activities and participants within your organization for any given period.

Performance Dashboard

Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety training program on your crew's safety knowledge.

  • Quickly assess the performance of your crew members on Toolbox Talks quizzes
  • Evaluate their training performance across various topics, trainers, or organizations
  • Dive deeper to gain a comprehensive understanding of how each crew performed

Don’t just train your crew – assess your crew's learning progress to identify areas of improvement, enabling you to enhance your program in a targeted and effective manner.