Toolbox Talks

Plan Toolbox Talks

Plan and schedule your Toolbox Talks months in advance. Reduce uncertainties and risks from your training program.

  • Create a safety training plan for your entire organization
  • Tailor the plan for the divisions or jobs with unique needs
  • Help your trainers identify and focus on scheduled topics

Running a safety training program without a plan can lead to confusion, inefficiencies, and training gaps. Zurel is here to help.

Running Toolbox Talks without a plan can be challenging. You need to ensure crew training on specific topics at certain intervals or during particular seasons. On top of it are complexities due to the different needs driven by different clients or jurisdictions. Without a plan, confusion can prevail among trainees, resulting in potential mix-ups, leading to inefficiencies and potential gaps in training.

A well-structured plan helps reduce confusion and ensures that the right topics are covered at the right time, promoting a safer workplace. Zurel includes the tools you need to do so.

The tools that help you overcome these and other challenges

Toolbox Talks Master Plans

Create a comprehensive safety training plan for your entire organization.

  • Create a comprehensive plan month ahead
  • Use it for topics that are common throughout your organization
  • Adapting it as your needs change

Meet the common training needs of your entire organization with just one master plan and ensure your crews are trained well.

Job-specific Toolbox Plan

Make job-specific ​toolbox plans for jobs with unique needs. Supplement them with the Master Toolbox Plan.

  • Create different plans to meet the different needs of jobs in different stages
  • Use it to accommodate the needs of clients or jurisdiction
  • Blend it with the Master Plan to provide comprehensive training

Provide​ specialized training blueprints that address the unique needs of the diverse demands of different jobs. ​

Ad-hoc Toolbox Training

Pivot easily when things don’t go as planned, or when you need to train outside of your established schedule.

  • Train your crew on Toolbox Topics you can’t put on a schedule
  • Adapt to circumstances that call for unplanned training
  • Support any crew member who missed their planned training

Don’t panic when the unexpected occurs – turn to Zurel’s flexible tool for training anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Trainer’s Calendar

Keep your trainers focused and on-task by highlighting the Toolbox Topics planned for the week.

  • Know the exact toolbox topics during the current week
  • Keep training deadlines straight
  • Identify who has completed the required training, and who hasn’t

Let your trainers stay focused but up-to-speed on only the training they need to provide on any given day.

On-Demand Toolbox Topics

Make your safety training program flexible by making certain Toolbox Topics available to your trainers all the time.

  • Use it for stand-by topics like safety orientation
  • Facilitate recurring safety meetings without planning for it
  • Offer all your topics on-demand and empower your trainees to choose their own topics at their discretions

Don’t always let the calendar dictate when your training will happen – offer it when it’s needed, as soon as it’s needed.

Toolbox Meeting Scheduler

Use our simple Toolbox Scheduler to schedule your Toolbox Topics meeting on the Master Plan or Job-specific plan.

  • Select the Master Plan or a Job-specific Plan
  • Preview your topic materials before scheduling it
  • Choose a range of dates when you want to schedule the toolbox talk

Or just simply drag and drop a topic from your topic’s list onto your plan’s calendar.